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We will be keeping you up to date on the latest in free bingo offers, no deposit bonus, and bonus codes at the leading online bingo sites. With almost 10 years of experience in online bingo, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your internet bingo enjoyment. Whether you are looking for where to play bingo for free online, or shopping around until you find that special bingo room with the best deposit bonus offers, we will profile the best online bingo sites, so you play bingo instead of spending your time searching. Please check back often as we will be showcasing the latest bingo site offerings in our Bingo promotions section, letting you know which sites are currently offering bonus codes, and rounding up the best bingo deals every weekend.

Definition of Free Bingo:

The term free bingo can have many meanings in the online bingo world so let’s break it down. The most common form of free bingo is virtual money that online bingo sites give a new player to register at their sites for a free trial. In most cases you can then enter the bingo games being played and enjoy a few games on the house so to speak. Usually, any winnings accumulated from this free money are not available to be withdrawn in the form of real money to you. In some cases if you then make a deposit you are able to withdraw winnings. In other cases you may be able to withdraw real money winnings up to a certain amount set by the site through a special promotion.

The second most common form of free bingo is when bingo sites will have special games at certain times during a day or week for players who are currently depositing real money and playing in the real bingo games. These games usually have a set pot of anywhere from £5 to £100 pounds and all players are giving an equal amount of free bingo cards to play with in that particular game. Players do not have to buy bingo cards out of their own funds for these special games.

There are only a couple real free bingo sites online that give a true 100% free bingo game online. They are and Both of these sites provide free bingo games 24 hours a day for a registered player. Solely sponsored by advertising of other online bingo for money sites supports them. They do offer free bingo prizes that can be won absolutely free. Again, these are provided through the advertising sponsors.

The last form of free bingo is free bonus awarded after you make a real money deposit. Many sites will give you bonus for your first deposit with them and also any subsequent deposits. For example: £25 free when you deposit £10. This gives you extra funds that you can play with and win with above the initial money you deposited. So in essence, you get to play free bingo!

No Deposit Free Bingo Bonuses

While this term seems quite clear we will define it for the sake of clarity for all. A no deposit bonus is an offer provided by many bingo sites so that you can try their bingo games for free with no strings attached and zero money down on your part. Quite simply you get to play bingo "on the house".

The majority of sites will only ask that you fill out a short registration form, which includes details like your name, address, telephone number and email. Should you decide to play for real money after your trial then you are all set to go with the exception of your payment method.

There are a few sites that require you give your credit card details before they will let you have the free bonus. With so many bingo sites offering you a no deposit bingo bonus there is no reason you shouldn’t explore the exciting world of bingo online!

Please be aware that the no deposit bingo bonuses and free bingo offers are known to change without us being notified. We constantly check the sites for any changes and update accordingly. Please be aware that current free play bingo and no deposit bingo rules posted on the site you are claiming them from are the final word on the matter. If you find a discrepancy between and the corresponding bingo site, please notify us.